• Private Cloud PaaS-IaaS

We offer  many Cloud services for the small to medium size business.  We help you compete with the Big Dogs.

MDN allows you to create, edit, and manage native iPhone, iPad, Android, and mobile web apps online. 

  • Live Streaming Mobile App

 Now, you can share your view LIVE with the world with just a touch.  Login with social to post. 

  • Pharmaceutical Mobile App

The cost and availability of medicine is  a continuing struggle for most families. We offer alernative solutions.

  • Computer Education

Providing programming and development skills to our kids from 8 to 18.  Preparing them for the future.

  • Non-Profit Solutions

We provide mobile phone solutions for access and fund raising for the Non-Profit world. 

Live Stream your Event

In an ever-changing world, being at the right place at the right time is critical.  Now, you can share your view LIVE with the world with just a touch.  Login with social to post.


Keep your users up to date on relevant issues to your cause. Choose specific keywords that effect your industry news. Allows a place for your team to keep up with legal and current issues.

Mailing Lists

Gather information from app users and create an email or call list to easily communicate with supporters or those seeking your help.  Maintain your relationships .  

Email Form

Use our email form to allow users to sign up as volunteers, their schedules, and other pertinent information.  The responses go directly to your inbox. This is another way to stay in touch.