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Veteran Transition Through Education

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Cloud Services for Social Impact

The MDN Cloud services allows individuals and nonprofit organizations to focus on their services, programs and respective missions rather than investing valuable resources on an expensive, time-consuming IT infrastructure. However, even as a majority of nonprofit organizations inch toward implementing the benefits of a more cost-efficient and productive work environment, there are still major opportunities for advancement being left on the table.


The mission of MakersWay is to lift working adults out of poverty into family living wage careers through education. We do this through a multifaceted sponsorship/workforce intermediary program tailored to the unique circumstances of each individual and designed to assure the highest likelihood of multigenerational success. Our vision is a future in which every person has access to the highest quality education to develop their full potential at affordable costs.


Our Mobile Apps is the easiest and most affordable way to create a mobile application for your Social Impact focus. The MDNMobile Apps Control Panel enables instant app updates Need to update your app? No problem and no programming skills required! Connect with YOUR customers through app notifications Free, and unlimited, unlike SMS Keep your participants informed with push notification messages, directly to their iPhone, Android, or other mobile device.

What else we provide?

Medical Products Distribution

We provide an ECommerce solution for our users to purchase, hearing aids, canes, braces, walkers, digital heart monitors, and many other products.

Counseling Referrals

We have established relationships to provide referrals for counseling for Veterans and their families as well as others requiring special attention for PTSD, Suicide prevention, mental illness, and others.

Mobile Apps Development

We provide mobile app development and marketing for a plethora of industries. Focused on Attorneys, Restaurants, Security companies, and social impact entities.

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Who we are

We are a facilitator of many products and services based on education for the social impact world located in a Private Cloud.

Data Science

About us

Media Data Network in association with the Community Council of Greater Dallas (CCGD)  Sponsoring the Skill QUEST program and REX Programming offers Computer Boot Camps through the Skill Quest in Nevada.