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The collaborative services provided via Telehealth/Teleconference to meet our mission are as follows:

  1. Clinical Services (group, family, couples, and individual therapy).
  2. Tele-Psychiatry evaluations and medication management.
  3. Social Services: case management, support groups, resource referrals.
  4. Patient engagement tools such as mobile apps and portals: Our progressive web apps are useful in lessening the symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.
  5. Data analytics: MDN uses healthcare data gathered by our telehealth and mobile app solutions to convert them into insights to offer a customized and preventive care approach.
  6. Artificial intelligence: MDN AI-powered chatbots can screen for symptoms, provide feedback, and connect patients to psychiatrists for counseling or treatment.
  7. Virtual reality: Gamification offers an immersive experience to increase the overall effectiveness and adherence to treatments. Patients can navigate through the simulation to achieve a task as part of their treatment plan.
  8. Telehealth platform-as-a-service (PaaS) which means implementing the entire range of telehealth services — as needed — within a customizable turnkey offering. By encapsulating all the benefits of telehealth in one service, telehealth offers healthcare organizations several big advantages:

The 3D AI Chatbot platform is the basis for the Media Data Network Health care Chatbot to improve Behavior through self improvement

MDN is a SaaS Private Cloud base Telemental Health and Technology Company

MDN has been fostering connections between Community Health Centers, private primary care providers, and specialty care providers through our unique health care information technology platform. Thanks to our integrated method of care, MDN has been able to connect beneficiaries with services needed to help them manage their health and reduce costly visits to hospitals and limited access to specialty care services.

Our associated health centers provide a comprehensive scope of primary and preventive health care and support services, coupled with their access to a fully compliant telehealth platform that allows us to provide a two-way real-time interactive audio and video calls with beneficiaries. This collaboration gives MDN expertise and resources that might be leveraged in collaborative relationships with states programs. MDN and its associates understand that by entering into collaborative relationships with these programs, they will strengthen their own financial position, advance their program quality goals, enhance the continuum of care and the kinds of services available to their patients, and further their mission by improving the quality of care and accessibility for their beneficiaries.

Since January 2018 MDN have been working bidirectionally with TIM Care clinics to translate research findings to direct evidence-based practice, develop an organizational system for the quality improvement in healthcare delivery in response to local and/or global community needs, to be able to apply optimal utilization of healthcare information technology across healthcare settings, and create a healthy psycho- social working environment. TIM Care offers a full complement of services to children, adolescents, adults and older adults and are committed to providing high quality services accessible to all with special focus on those living with mental health illness. Our organization have leadership facilitating a collaborative team for improving patient and population health outcomes, and we utilize advanced practice knowledge to implement methodologies to improve them.


Media Data Network is proud to be an NVIDIA Inception Member. Helping us stay on the top shelf of technology.

Telehealth Chatbots are becoming a way of life as doctors and patients embrace distancing amid the coronavirus crisis

Media Data Network is a Healthcare Chatbot platform developed by a proven tech team with an understanding of the Telehealth markets. This platform provides integration of technology , security redundancies, and  being PCI, HIPAA, ISO27001-2013, and HyTrust certified, is the best choice for the Mental Health markets. 

There is a crisis In America and around the world. Media Data Network in association with RLM has developed a working model which can help explain key components of these global challenges.

Coaches and trainers have deployed the proprietary RLM 3-Minute Survey® in over 20 countries and in very diverse industries, all of which have one thing in common, PEOPLE. Each person has their own communication style, focus, priorities, needs and stressors.

RLM Profile” it is Not a “Self-Help Program” and certainly NOT a “Quick Fix Program”. RLM is a “System or Framework”

Our Platform Described